Company history of Kräcker GmbH:


From workshop to sought-after manufacturer for the automotive industry

When KRÄCKER was founded in 1910 by Julius Kräcker as a mechanical workshop and screwdriver in Berlin, nobody knew how successful the company would be in future. Looking at the course of our company’s history, this is not surprising, because only 14 years after the company was founded, a first milestone was set. In 1924, the small workshop became the “Signalapparatefabrik Julius KRÄCKER AG”. Convinced of the quality of Kräcker’s products, the “Deutsche Reichspost” ordered reliable alarm clocks produced in the factory. After the Second World War, KRÄCKER AG continued to produce for the Federal Post Office “Deutsche Bundespost” and today for its successor, “Deutsche Telekom AG”.

New success in the 1960s

As a Berlin-based company, KRÄCKER AG suffered for a long time from the consequences of the Second World War. But with the takeover of the company by Consul Dr. Mommert, the first economic successes soon returned after the changeable years. KRÄCKER AG was able to continuously expand its production to such an extent that in 1986 it was finally possible to move into a larger and at the same time more modern building in the south of Berlin. The product range now includes not only mechanical or electromechanical, but also electronic devices and components.

Expansion through takeover in the 1990s

At the end of the 1980s, KRÄCKER AG started projects in the field of ISDN technology. The spectrum ranged from the development of junction boxes to the production of distribution boxes and the optimization of cutting clamping technology. With the takeover of relay and ECU production from Richard Schier GmbH & Co. KG in 1992, an important step was finally taken towards today’s company. As a result, KRÄCKER expanded its know-how in the manufacture of control units, and it was able to benefit from Schier GmbH’s more than four decades of extensive experience in this area. In 1999, the transformation and realignment of the company was completed with the founding of KRÄCKER GmbH. In 2004, the telecommunications division was completely spun off and has since been successfully continued by “ZE Kommunikationstechnik GmbH”.

Sought-after partner of the automotive industry

In addition to the Volkswagen Group, our customers also include many important system suppliers. In addition to the continuous further development of relays and control units for new car models, we continue to produce components for spare parts requirements. In addition to automobile manufacturers and suppliers, we also supply companies from the communications industry, mechanical engineering and industrial electronics with important components.

Thanks to the experience of more than 100 years of component production and the willingness to continuously develop, KRÄCKER GmbH is also ideally equipped for future requirements. We do our best every day to successfully continue our company history.

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